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How can I find the price of recycled aluminum?

Last Updated: Oct 03, 2012  |  4 Views
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The American Bureau of Metal Statistics (ABMS) annually publishes a yearbook with metal prices, including aluminum, including secondary, i.e. recycled aluminum.  We don't have this yearbook, nor do we seem to have the pricing data in any of our online statistical resources, though I do still need to check the Bloomberg terminal in the Cutler Center. 

We do have the CRB Commodity Yearbook on the shelf, call number HC14.C601. It may include recycled aluminum prices -- I will check this resource and get back to you about it, as well.

One thing you could do is actually call the ABMS at (973) 701-2299 or contact them by email . They're located in Chatham, NJ.   Perhaps they'll be helpful toward a student and fax or scan and email you the data you need.  If they don't and we can't find the data on Bloomberg or in the Commodity Yearbook, then we'll identify other libraries who get the yearbook and ask them to fax us the relevant info or scan it and send it by email.

I'll be back in touch with you re Bloomberg and the Commodity Yearbook. Please keep us posted via whether you got anywhere with the ABMS. 

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