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Where can I find information on the baby gift registry industry?

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2011  |  30 Views
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Mintel Reports currently contains a report titled "Gift Registries" found by typing in "baby gifts" as a phrase. There is also a report titled "Baby Durables".  If you don't have a password to Mintel sign up for one in the main log in screen.
Thomson One Banker has the annual reports of the large retailers such as Babies R Us.  You can also try the investment analyst reports for the same companies.

Many baby gifts are now purchased from a store registry. Since baby items can vary, use keywords of the most popular items such as the strollers, car seats, swings, etc. and find the sales information for those items.  Search keywords in:

Proquest may retrieve some articles. currently has a report titled Babycare Supplies which looks as if it is focusing on diapers, etc. but may mention things related to baby gifts.

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