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How can I identify trade associations and organize them by state?

Last Updated: May 20, 2014  |  2 Views
Topics: Associations

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Use the Encyclopedia of Associations in the Gale Directory Library. You can sort results by state. You can export records that end up being emailed to you in an Excel spreadsheet.

First, select the right directory.  When you first access the GDL, ignore the search box on the page you land on; rather choose the “Publication” tab and then you can select the Encyclopedia of Associations-US.  You’ll need to try all kinds of different search terms for a comprehensive list.  If you choose the sort by geography, the results will be in order by state.  When you click on the name of an organization, you’ll get detailed information about it so you can decide whether it’s one you want to target.

You can mark individual records and export them.  You end up emailing yourself the results which arrive as an Excel spreadsheet.  

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