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We have lots of resources you can try for finding such a list, but while your request sounds straight-forward, it’s not as easy as you may expect. The B2C companies are not all in the same industry, so any source that enables rankings by industry, such as a company directory, is not so helpful for this request. And publications that compile lists of top companies may only do the top 10 or so. You may have to piece this list together from a variety of sources. If you want to use Hoovers, that’s part of ProQuest. You can specifically select Hoovers once you’re in. Search for the Amazon profile and look at the competitors. There’ll be over 40 but they aren’t necessarily pure B2Cs. Here are some suggestions of other sources to try: Business Insights: Essentials includes a rankings section, and I recommend you go there first. When you’re in this resource, go to the Advanced Search. From the Content Area drop-down, choose Rankings. Then put in Amazon or any other top B2C company name and search on that. The closest match to what you’re looking for is a ranking called “Top Fortune 500 Companies in Internet Services and Retailing 2009.” It’s from the 2010 issue of the Fortune 500 (this year’s which would cover 2010 has not yet been published; it usually appears in May). However, this only gives you five companies, but it’s a start. The five are Amazon, Google, Liberty Media Corp., eBay Inc., Yahoo Inc. Because these rankings don’t give much additional detail, you may want to search for the actual articles from the Fortune 500 issue. One of the databases that includes Fortune is Ebsohost’s Business Source Complete. Another resource to try is Forrester. They focus on e-commerce and IT trends, in particular from a consumer perspective. Useful to you would be, for example, their Customer Experience Index 2008 report. They looked at 113 firms in 12 different industries and ranked the companies according to customer experience within this industry. So here’s a list with more than 100 companies, so whether that is useful to you depends on the metric according to which you want to rank the top companies. They have the overview report which ranks all 113 and they also have individual industry snapshot reports in which the companies are ranked just within their respective industries. This seems like the best list available. If you’re more interested in financial metrics, another potential source would be equity analyst reports. We access these through Thomson One Banker. Once in, do a search on any top B2C company, then look for the “Research” link in the left-hand column to view analyst reports. They often discuss peer or competitor firms but it wouldn’t ever be as many as 100. If you can figure out the terminology a particular analyst firm uses to describe this market segment (e-commerce, or online retail, or internet services, or whatever), then you can use those search terms to see whether there are any industry reports. We also have a number of industry and market research sources. I suggest starting with Plunkett which has a category for E-commerce and lists the top companies in the sector, so that might be helpful. You can sort the list by revenue. The result set will be larger than the B2Cs so you may need to refine the search by using keywords from the descriptions. Sources that allow company screening are Capital IQ, Thomson One Banker, Lexis-Nexis Company Dossier, and ReferenceUSA. I don’t know whether any of these sources will provide the kind of categorization useful for your request. In addition, our market research guide lists additional resources that may be helpful.

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